Your journey at Orthoclinique

Starting any type of orthodontic treatment can appear daunting, but at Orthoclinique we aim to put you at ease right from the very first time you call us.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, receiving NHS treatment or private orthodontic treatment, our whole team is here to support and take care of you, and provide you with as much or as little information as you need. At the end of your journey we look forward to seeing your new smile.

Initial Enquiry or Referral

Our patients at Orthoclinique are usually referred to us by their normal dentist but increasingly we find people who do their own research either online or by recommendation from one of our existing patients.

Your dentist will normally talk to you about why orthodontic treatment might be important for you and give you some information about some of the options which might be available to you. When you call – or email us – our experienced and approachable staff will make an appointment for an initial consultation, which we’ll confirm with you 24 hours before either by text message or a phone call.

Orthoclinique Patient Journey Orthoclinique Patient Journey
The first orthodontic visit

When you first visit Orthoclinique our aim is to reassure you about all aspects of orthodontic treatment. Our practice is light and airy and equipped with the latest equipment to provide you with the best treatment and you will be greeted by one of our team. We have 5 state of the art surgeries and will be happy to show you around.

We know the most important thing during the first appointment is to find out what you want to achieve from your treatment and understand any concerns you may have, whether that is what the costs might be, how long it might take and whether it might be painful. Our FAQs section will also give you a lot more information either before or after your visit.

During this first appointment, one of our specialist orthodontists will update your clinical records, we will use these to formulate a treatment plan with the different options available and discuss which might suit you best.

Orthoclinique Patient Journey Orthoclinique Patient Journey
Treatment planning and decision making

We understand that you may need time to make the right decision and often we advise our adult patients to make a second appointment with our specialist orthodontist. Once we have understood your individual situation, and what you would like to achieve for your teeth and smile, we will put together a full treatment plan with all costs and options. This will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and start your treatment. We will also send a full report to your dentist to ensure they are kept up to date with our recommendations.

Types of appliance

As you will see on our treatments page, there are several types of braces to suit different needs and preferences. Your orthodontist will discuss all the options with you at your first appointment. Some braces are fitted to the outside of the teeth (labial braces) and some are lingual braces which sit inside. For labial braces there are choices between tooth coloured ceramic and metal. The treatments page will give you information on all the different types and you can also see them all when you visit the practice.

Please visit the treatments section of our website to learn more »

Oral hygiene

Maintaining a regular and thorough routine of oral health is essential to everyone to ensure a healthy mouth and teeth for life. This becomes even more important before starting and whilst having orthodontic treatment. We will make sure that we give you full instructions on how to maintain your braces and oral hygiene once your braces have been fitted, and expect you to keep high standards throughout your treatment.

Orthoclinique Patient Journey Orthoclinique Patient Journey
Treatment process

When you feel ready to start your course of treatment at Orthoclinique, we will draw up a contract including the type of brace, treatment plan and payment terms for you to sign. At your first appointment, we will take records of the position of your teeth and photos too - we are then able together to check the progress during the course of your treatment. Two more appointments are then made for your braces to be fitted and we will provide you with full instructions on how to take care of your orthodontic appliance and clean your teeth with your braces fitted.

Once the brace is fitted, you will be seen routinely to check the progress of your treatment and to activate the braces as required. It is very important to attend these review appointments as unsupervised brace treatment can have a detrimental effect on the teeth and the supporting tissues.

Removing braces and fitting retainers

When the final day comes and it is time for your braces to be removed, we will take final photographs to make sure that we are all happy with the final result. It is vitally important to retain your beautiful new smile and we provide all our private patients with permanent upper and lower bonded retainers. We also provide removable retainers, made of acrylic, to be worn at night. It is essential that these are worn consistently to prevent your teeth moving back to their original position.

After care and treatment guarantee

Our overriding aim at Orthocliniqe is to give you a beautiful, straight smile. We are available to answer your questions or any concerns at any time after your treatment finishes, and we normally schedule a review a year after your braces have been removed. We will make sure that all records are shared with your dentist who will be able to support you too.

Orthoclinique Patient Journey Orthoclinique Patient Journey