At Orthoclinique, we have a number of innovative and affordable brace options to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

The cost of treatment varies per person as no one’s teeth are the same. We broadly categorise treatments into 3 bands: mild, moderate and severe.

Mild treatment corrects minor irregularities of the anterior teeth such as post treatment relapse. Treatment usually takes 6-9 months. This is usually referred to as fast or quick brace options.

Moderate involves more complex tooth movement and treatment may take up to 15 months to complete.

Severe usually involves complex movements to correct the teeth and bite and may involve extractions. Treatment may take up to 24 months to complete.

With all our options, you can have a choice on the type of brace.


We will discuss options available to help you achieve the perfect smile. Please click here

Fees quoted below are using our interest free finance option spreading over 18 months where applicable

Consultation with Orthodontist (including x-rays, photographs and scan) – *If onward referral required a fee of £105 will be payable
Interceptive Treatment
from £70.00 per month
Metal Fixed Brace
from £103.00 per month
Ceramic Upper Fixed Brace
from £132.00 per month
from £161.00 per month
Consultation with Orthodontist (including x-rays, photographs and scan) – *If onward referral required a fee of £105 will be payable
Mild Treatment
from £117.00 per month
Moderate Treatment
from £133.00 per month
Severe Treatment
from £162.00 per month
Second Opinions and Medicolegal Reports
Removable Retainers
£105.00 for 1 arch
£210.00 for both
Bonded Retainers
£370.00 per retainers
Vivera Retainers x3
£300.00 for 1 arch
£525.00 for both
Clincheck Only
Replacement Invisalign Aligners

There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. The cost of treatment includes:

  • Fitting of the necessary braces
  • All the x-rays and models required during treatment
  • All adjustments to the braces including any unforeseen additional visits
  • The repair of broken fixed braces for up to 3 breakages. Invisalign and lingual breakages will be charged for replacement appliances.
  • An oral hygiene pack
  • Retainers fitted on completion of treatment
  • Supervision of retention for the first twelve months

Payment options

At Orthoclinique, we believe that private treatment should be affordable and we therefore have a number of payment options including 0% finance available.

Please call our reception staff on 01462 435 400 or email us on info@orthoclinique.co.uk to discuss these further.

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