Covid-19 Restrictions

16th July 2021

We’re aware of the lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions from 19th July 2021 But we still need to act cautiously to stop the spread of the virus. The delta variant is more transmissible, and people visiting this practice may be contagious without knowing it. Many people are still not yet fully vaccinated, so cutting…

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COVID-19 Update

15th July 2020

Dear Patients, We are looking forward to get back to work and see everyone and we hope that you are well. A lot has changed since we saw you last and we are all still coming to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic and its’ effects. We want to update you on our efforts in planning…

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Why are more adults having orthdontic treatment?

22nd August 2019

Once seen as a treatment for teenagers, more and more adults are now wearing braces. So what’s motivating people to chase the perfect smile? The BBC report on the growing interest in adult braces and why over 18s are opting for teeth straightening treatment. Are the perfect smiles we see on Instagram influencing adults to…

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